Hikersfield for small tents

Camping Warnsborn is the perfect spot for camping with a tent

Reservations for the hikers field are not possible. You can just arrive. We recommend that you call the morning of arrival, especially in the high season, so that we can take your arrival into account.
Arrival and departure times
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  • Suitable for tents up to a maximum of 4 by 3 meters.
  • The tent field is not car-free
  • There is a public parking space for a limited number of cars opposite the campsite
  • If the maximum number of cars has been reached for us, we will only allow tents without a car. You must then park your car outside the campsite.
  • No radios or other sound system allowed
  • No electricity connection on the field. You can charge mobile phones in the small recreation room or have them charged at the reception.
  • There is a small recreation room for sitting and eating dry.
  • Kitchen area with gas stove (free use) present at the sanitary building
  • Freezer for own cooling tablets present in the kitchen corner (free).
  • There are a number of picnic benches for general use.
  • Open fire is not permitted (fire pit / bowl, fire block, gel pot etc.)
  • Gas grilling allowed. On coal only if it is not too dry. You can check this at the reception.
  • Silence on site from 22:00hrs to 08:00hrs

Camping Warnsborn is not suitable to use as a base to go out in the city in combination with coming back late / early in the morning. This bothers other guests and that is not desirable.


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Is your tent larger than 4 by 3 meters and / or do you want electricity on site? Do you want certainty that your car can stand next to the tent or do you have a minibus (not allowed on the hikers field). Then click here to reserve a standard place.

Campsite Warnsborn open:  1 April untill 25 October 2020