Hikersfield for small tents

Camping Warnsborn is the perfect spot for camping with a tent

It is not possible to make a reservation for the hikersfield. You can call us the morning of arrival (from 9:00 am). Only then will we know if there is room. full is full
Arrival and departure times
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  • Suitable for tents up to a maximum of 4 by 3 meters.
  • From April 1st, 2022, motorized vehicles (car / motorcycle / scooter / moped etc.) are no longer allowed on the tent field. (not even for loading and unloading). The cars must remain outside the camping site.
  • There is a public parking space for a limited number of cars opposite the campsite
  • No radios or other sound system allowed
  • No electricity connection on the field. You can charge mobile phones in the small recreation room. We also rent lockers for 2 euros per day.
  • There is a small recreation room for sitting and eating dry.
  • Freezer for own cooling tablets present near sanitary building (free).
  • There are a number of picnic benches for general use.
  • Open fire is not permitted (fire pit / bowl, fire block, gel pot etc.)
  • Gas grilling allowed. On coal only if it is not too dry. You can check this at the reception.
  • Silence on site from 22:00hrs to 08:00hrs

Camping Warnsborn is not suitable to use as a base to go out in the city in combination with coming back late / early in the morning. This bothers other guests and that is not desirable.


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Is your tent larger than 4 by 3 meters and / or do you want electricity on site? Do you want that your vehicle stand next to your tent. Then click here to reserve a standard place.