Your welcome with Your caravan, Motorhome, family tent, small tent, campervan

Different fields on campsite Warnsborn

 On a nice field. on the woodsite

A separate, secluded section of the terrain has been set aside for light-weight backpackers tents.

For tent not bigger than 4 meters long, 3 meters wide. For information look at Hikersfield


90 Pitches
For family tents, caravans, Motorhome, .

• Each pitch included:

  • 6 ampère Elektrik hookup.
  • room for 1 car.
  • max. 6 persons (prices included 1 or 2 persons extra persons extra cost).
  • Awning is allowed.
  • small tent extra on the pitch

At the day of arrival you’re camping place is free at 13.00.
At the day of departure you’re camping place must be free at 12.00.

If you want to stay longer on the day that you depart ask us if that is possible on that pitch.                                                                                When it is possible the cost for each hour longer than 12 o’clock until 17.00 = €1,50 (not possible for rentals)

                                 Gate closed for cars: 22.30 – 7.30

Opening times reception/shop 

8:45 – 12:00  Sunday morning open at 10:00 (afternoon the same as usually)           

13:00 – 17:00                                                                                                                    

19:00 – 19.30                   

    Gate closed for cars from 22.30 until 7.30.     







                          On the reception/shop:

  • Bread ordering before 19.30 for the next morning.
  • coffee/thee to go
  • Shower tokens (5 minutes nice warm shower for 0,60 eurocent)
  • Internet voucher for wireless internet.
  • Internet computer on the reception for 15minutes 1 euro
  • Entrée card Burgers Zoo
  • Milk, egs, beer, wine, etc.  coffee to go/ thee, ice creams, presents.
  • Cycle and walk routes and information prospects  about national park, museums etc.
  • Gas canister and discharge gas.
  • You can ask your Questions

Rubbish: in the 3 big containers, 1 for paper, 1 for glass, 1 for the rest near the toilet building.                        

Chemical toilet in the special chemical toilet point on the back of the toilet building or by the camper service point.

Keep dogs on the line at the camping. Let the dog out into the woods outside the camping. Don’t let them defecate or urinate on the campground. 

Airco on the motorhome/caravan  make a lot of noise and that is the reason it is not allowed to use them on this  campsite.      

Some important numbers:                                                  

  • 112 for ambulance
  • Do You need a doctor? Dr. Moerdijk, Steynstraat 17, Arhem visiting hours Monday-fry  between 8am and 9am or call him First: 026 4416935, evening or weekend call: 0900-1598
  • Chemist/drug store = apotheek : It’’s across the supermarket Albert Hein, Lawick van Pabtstraat 99, Arnhem.
  • Weekend or evening chemist? Call:026 3214882 or ask on the reception
  • Dentist: ask Felix and Margo on the reception
  • Vet: Dierenkliniek Pietersberg, Pietersbergseweg 14, Oosterbeek, 026 3333730

There is a AED on the reception and Felix and Margo qualified to use it.

There is a phone next to the reception door for a emergency call to Felix/Margo. Take the phone and hold the line we will answer in a few seconds.  Or call whit your own phone: 0031 26 44 234 69 is phone Felix and Margo.                                                                                 

Lost in Arnhem-center follow Utrecht than the signs campsite.

Open fire/fire bowl  not allowed. Barbeque on coal? Ask us first whether it is too dry.

We Wish you a pleasant stay!     

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